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Until recently, staying in control of your business while you were “out of the office” was essentially limited to phone, text and email communications -- never giving you a complete picture of events at the workplace, much less the ability to manage security and business operations remotely. Now, with remote security management -- one of the hottest trends in business security today -- there’s a whole new array of management and control possibilities at your fingertips. It’s a versatile solution that puts better management control and flexibility in the hands of business owners and managers.

Stay in control from anywhere

Remote security management allows you to use your iPhone, iPad, Android or other web-enabled device to stay on top of your business, anytime and anywhere. With real-time alerts, arm/disarm capabilities, access management and live video look-in via your Smartphone and other devices, it gives owners and managers new capabilities to enhance workplace safety, protection, loss prevention and business productivity -- enabling new ways to manage and optimize business processes, in addition to better controlling security.

Going beyond security to “business optimization”

Remote security management is an example of an important trend that’s shaping business today: the move beyond security to business optimization. Through the integration of video cameras, access control, intrusion detection and other systems, companies are finding new insights into areas like business operations, customer interactions and workplace efficiency. Using remote security management, in conjunction with the security systems your company already has in place, provides more insights into your business, enhanced control over your operations, and enhanced management and workplace efficiency.

The case of the “after-hours delivery”

Consider the basic example of accommodating an after-hours delivery by trusted key supplier -- or the ability to monitor after-hours access and activity by employees. With remote security management, combined with your intrusion and video systems, you can receive an alert of the delivery, disarm the system to allow delivery access, view the delivery on video, then arm the system when the delivery is done -- all remotely -- from your Smartphone or tablet. It’s a great everyday example of how remote security management helps you work smarter.

Remote security management lets you customize your instant alert preferences to receive notification whenever specific events occur at your business. You can receive alert notices whenever specified systems are armed or disarmed; when motion is detected in a sensitive area of your facility; when an alarm occurs; or when personnel are coming and going after hours. From there, you can use remote security management for a live video look-in -- allowing you to see what’s going on at your business at any time of the day or night -- whether you are across town, across the globe, or just in another part of your facility.

A management friendly tool and healthier work/life balance

For business owners and managers, remote security management facilitates the ability to better manage their business, while creating a level of flexibility and efficiency that enhances their personal productivity and freedom. While it is impossible to be in two places at the same time, remote security management gives you the critical ability to know what’s going on in your business even when you’re away -- and to do something about it from the convenience of your handheld device.

Conveniently supervise multiple locations from anywhere

Remote security management allows you to supervise a single location or multiple locations from the convenience of a single highly efficient interface. You can manage and assign multiple users and/or multiple locations, add or delete user access codes quickly and easily, and grant temporary access to staff, service personnel or vendors from wherever you are.

Monitor employee productivity and customer interactions

With live video look-in, it is easy to see exactly what is going on in your business at any time. You can use live look in to monitor employee performance, departmental activities, customer interactions, traffic counts and more.  Remote security management lets you see for yourself exactly what is occurring, so that you can detect potential problems and take corrective actions as needed on a more informed basis.

A combination of insight and tactical control

The unique combination of insight and tactical control provided by remote security management creates a safer, more secure, more productive workplace that is less vulnerable to employee theft, workplace fraud, shrinkage, waste and external crimes. With management’s enhanced ability to observe and monitor company activities, organizational awareness can become more focused on improving operational procedures, maximizing productivity and making the workplace safer.

The right answer to today’s business challenges

With embezzlement and internal theft among the leading causes of mid-sized business failure, it is good practice to take advantage of new ways to help monitor and control your operations.  Remote security management can help you better monitor employee activity, departmental activity and other critical activities relating your company’s security and operations. This enhances the trust you have in your staff while helping to ensure the integrity of what occurs while you are away. 

Remote security management works with the systems you already have

Remote security management technology works with many of the security systems you already have in place. In this way, it allows you to leverage the investment you’ve already made in security systems, turning them into a tool for business optimization and increasing your ROI. What can you do to get started with remote security management? The first step is to evaluate your current security setup with the help of an experienced, reliable security partner at 1.800.701.8449.

Time is money. Knowledge is power.

Remote security management makes the best of both

As a business owner, it’s important to know the “exceptions” in your business operations, not necessarily the routine events. You need to know when exceptions to your operations occur so that you can monitor the activity, take necessary actions, and follow-up with key employees to ask the right questions.

Time is money, and knowledge is power. And it is for these reasons that remote security management is here to stay. It is one of the most effective ways today’s business owners can optimize their time and knowledge -- viewing and managing real-time security information from their handheld device -- and gaining management insights and control that go far beyond security.

Contact a Tyco Integrated Security specialist to get started

If you value the ability to stay in control of your business while you’re away, and enjoy the ability to monitor and manage your security at all times, find out more about what remote security management can mean to you and your operations. Take a moment to get in touch with Tyco Integrated Security.

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