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Retail performance and security solutions that lead the industry: genuine Sensormatic anti-theft tags and source tagging, RFID inventory intelligence solutions, traffic intelligence, streamlined management including remote video look-in and more.

Tyco Integrated Security works with some of the world’s largest retailers.  Now we can adapt many of the solutions we’ve developed to mid-market retailers and chains.

We offer a complete suite of solutions that work together to provide multiple layers of protection for your people, customers and merchandise. Our solutions start with source-tagging anti-theft devices at the point of manufacture, all the way through genuine Sensormatic protection at every retail doorway. In between, we can monitor deliveries and inventory with RFID tags, keep watch on your warehouse, storeroom and retail floor with monitored video surveillance, and protect it all with 24/7 alarm monitoring for fire and intrusion.

Our Omni-Channel retailing solutions provide item-level inventory visibility, with intelligence that helps ensure optimal inventory management and merchandising.

A complete Tyco Integrated Security solution can also provide new insights into when and where customers shop the most, and which displays and articles are most attractive, through traffic and inventory intelligence. This knowledge can help you maximize profitability per square foot in each of your stores.

A Complete Selection of Retail Security Solutions

  • Omni-Channel retail solutions that provide enhanced inventory intelligence
  • Visible and/or concealed Sensormatic electronic article surveillance to deter theft
  • Item level inventory visibility from the stockroom to the display
  • RFID and EAS solutions for loss prevention and shrinkage control
  • Physical and electronic access control
  • Sensormatic source tagging to save time and cost in your stores
  • Traffic intelligence including dwell times, queue times and more
  • 24/7 video surveillance and recording
  • Remote security management with alerts and live video look-in
  • Fire and life safety solutions to protect employees, customers and inventory
  • World-class monitoring with unattended deliveries, video escorts and more

Industry Solutions

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence solutions help you work smarter, with insights to help manage inventories, open-and-close schedules, retail traffic patterns, staffing levels and more.

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Loss Prevention

Solutions that help prevent loss, and provide business intelligence to help you make smarter decisions.

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Access Control

We offer a full range of solutions to help you control and manage access to your facilities.

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