The people of Tyco Integrated Security are here to support you.  Our 10,000 security specialists are here when you need technical support or product information, providing timely and accurate responses to your needs. Beyond our online resources, our highly trained technical and product specialists are available to discuss your questions, helping you to get the most from your systems and maximize your business investment.

General Questions

Who is Tyco Integrated Security?

Recognizing that commercial enterprises have vastly different security needs from homes or small businesses, in 2012 ADT separated into two new companies. Now, ADT Business Solutions is Tyco Integrated Security, part of Tyco International.

We are building on more than 138 years of expertise to help drive your business forward, delivering the commitment, passion, creative solutions, leading-edge technologies and reliability you’ve come to expect from the commercial security industry leader:

  • A comprehensive range of integrated security solutions, including managed and hosted services that can help you grow your business
  • A consultative provider with a deep understanding of your business security needs
  • A commitment to offer security solutions that can help produce a range of benefits, including improved productivity, cost savings and enhanced control
  • National security coverage from integration and installation to post-sale services and on-going management

When you call me due to an alarm event, what will display on my Caller ID?

The Caller ID will display "Tyco Integrated Security."

Where can I find links to my web applications?

Links to your current applications are available on our website,

How can I contact Tyco Integrated Security?

You can call us toll-free at 1.800.701.8449 or contact us here.

Billing Questions

How do I pay my bill?

Payment of your bills will depend on your payment method:

  • Credit Card: If you pay by credit card, our name will appear as "Tyco Integrated Security" on your credit card transaction.
  • ACH: If you pay by ACH, please make payments payable to "Tyco Integrated Security."
  • Check: Please make all checks payable to "Tyco Integrated Security," and mail to the address indicated on the remittance.
  • EDI: If you pay by EDI, please make payments payable to "Tyco Integrated Security."

When my system was installed, I wrote a check to Tyco Integrated Security, but it's not reflected on my first bill. Is there a problem?

Occasionally, because of billing cycles, your first bill is issued before that first payment has been posted. Your payment should appear on your next bill; if not, call the Tyco Integrated Security Account Services Center at 1.800.701.8449.

My invoice is slightly higher than I expected. What are the extra charges?

State and local municipalities sometimes charge tax on the services provided, which Tyco Integrated Security is then obligated to collect as part of the billing process.

I received an invoice, but do not see a "Payment Due Date." When is my payment due?

Tyco Integrated Security bills for services in advance, based upon your pre-selected billing frequency (monthly, quarterly, etc.). Your payment is due upon receipt of your invoice. Payments should be made payable to Tyco Integrated Security.

I want to maintain my service address, but need to change where my bill is sent.

To change your billing address, please contact the Tyco Integrated Security Account Services Center at 1.800.701.8449.

How do I read my Tyco Integrated Security invoice?

Click here to view an invoice.

Where can I get a copy of your W9?

What is your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)?

The FEIN for Tyco Integrated Security LLC is 58-1814102. As explained in greater detail in the Appendix to the W-9 available on, we are required under IRS reporting rules to identify the FEIN of Tyco Fire & Security (US) Management, Inc. based on our business entity structure (an LLC vs. an Inc.).

Who do I contact for billing questions and support?

For support with billing questions and related inquiries, please email us at

Regulatory / Licensing / Insurance Questions

How do I find information about my UL Listings?

If your insurance company has a question or needs a new certificate, they have access to a UL portal where they can find the information they need about Tyco Integrated Security's UL Listings.

How can I get updated information for my insurance company?

You may request a copy of the Certificate of Liability insurance that is provided showing our insurance coverage during the installation. Requests for the Certificate of Liability may be submitted to .