Author: Hank Monaco, Vice President of Marketing, Johnson Controls
Published: Fri, May 11, 2018

Securing your business is about more than simply installing the right cameras and alarms. Organizations have more security technologies to choose from than ever before, and those technologies are at the most powerful state they’ve ever been. With so many options, it’s important to choose a security partner that understands how those technologies fit into your overall business and building systems, and can help you choose the way you manage these systems in the most efficient, streamlined way following installation.

To go beyond traditional security measures and fully optimize your investment, consider the following ways that managed security services can streamline your security operations– from mobile access to outsourced monitoring – and ensure your business is protected 24/7.

Access Real-Time Data from Anywhere

Mobility is now an expectation for any technology in today’s connected, on-the-go world, and when it comes to security, remote access adds another layer of safety and peace of mind for busy managers and business owners who cannot be on-site at all hours of the day.

 Mobile access allows you to remotely manage and oversee your facility’s security and business operations, from any web-enabled device. This service allows you to respond in real-time to unexpected events, view live surveillance footage and manage access control restrictions at multiple facilities or locations. Remote mobile access provides a new way to manage processes, reduce false alarms, improve efficiencies and enhance employee safety. 

Add Value to your Operations with Outsourcing

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from working with a highly trained, experienced security provider to help lighten the load while ensuring 365/24/7 security oversight. Our Customer Monitoring Centers can help monitor your business when you’re away and mitigate risks by supplying you with powerful, reliable expertise to protect your most valuable assets.  Highly skilled security professionals are with you – anytime, any day – to talk you through any questions or concerns as well as troubleshoot problems that may arise.

When working with a managed services provider, you can focus on running your organization while a security team provides real-time support and monitors all security and life-safety operations.


Critical, Real-Time Communication

Effective, clear communication is critical in emergency situations. Mass notification systems allow communication with large groups that may be impacted by a situation such as an emergency (fire, intruder, security breach) or a routine event (facility closing, traffic, weather). These solutions are critically important in helping facilities and safety executives quickly address a range of potential threats and emergencies.

To guide occupants to safety and relay important life-saving information, alert notification services allow you to deliver messages quickly to cell phones, telephone networks, email, and other mediums, all from a simple web-based interface. Ahead of an emergency, customizable notification groups can be created to target messages to the right group of people to make sure the message is cascaded appropriately and with urgency, if needed.

Managed security services propel businesses beyond installation, toward optimizing their investment by designing the best-fit plan for their organization. From mobile access to hosted options, learn more about how managed services give businesses the control and connectivity here.

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