Author: Mike Moran, Vice President, Sales, Tyco Integrated Security, North America
Published: Thu, Sep 14, 2017

Prior to and through its merger with Johnson Controls, Tyco maintained a collaborative relationship with a large regionally-based healthcare organization. The institution employs over 17,000 people who help make its community a healthier – and better – place to live. It does this by providing advanced and compassionate health care of superior quality and value, which is supported by education and clinical research.

As it continued to grow and evolve, so did the security technology around it. And with pharmaceutical theft top of mind, it eventually sought out a comprehensive solution to safeguard the organization’s medications.

The Challenge

As part of the organization’s own proactive measures, it re-evaluated how it monitored and managed the location of medications. With over 300 medicine cabinets, many located in patient rooms at the 9-story hospital, these had historically been controlled with keys.  As they upgraded to new prescription drug enclosures, the equipment came with card readers. However, they were very simple, not networked and only supported 30 credentials.

The nature of this posed a unique security challenge that left the healthcare organization susceptible to theft and internal misuse. Healthcare security being a top priority, the organization eventually called on Tyco, now Johnson Controls, to provide and maintain secure compliance control over its prescription medications.

Technology Solutions

To resolve this challenge, Johnson Controls integrated advanced wireless locks and an access control system. It worked with Assa Abloy, a Swedish lock manufacturer, and its wireless lock equipment to develop an integration with SoftwareHouse C-Cure system.  This allowed the locks to wirelessly connect with the credentials system that provided the organization several benefits, including:

  •  Real-time credential authentication
  • Audit trail of who accessed medications
  • Inventory reports to help improve restocking medications

Results and Outcome

With additional development, the healthcare organization can now prompt nurses on what medicine to administer at what time. It is also able to track this through the access system, providing a reliable audit trail for regulatory compliance. Johnson Controls integrated solutions improved inventory management, secured access to medications and made it easier to monitor drug distribution. With cyber security and physical security converging, the organizations’ risks in both areas were carefully considered.

To learn more about our security solutions for healthcare institutions, visit here.

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