Author: Joe Oliveri, Vice President, General Manager, Security, Johnson Controls’ Building Technologies & Solutions, North America
Published: Mon, Apr 9, 2018

This week Johnson Controls will head to one of the security industry’s biggest events, ISC West. With roughly 1,000 exhibitors registered this year, I’m looking forward to exploring the show floor to discover the diverse range of products, technologies and services represented across the cyber and physical security landscapes. Beyond booth exhibitions, you can see the industry leaders participate in business development sessions and thought leadership panels to provide a forum to discuss top trends and technology available today.

The following are a few of the categories we’re focused on at Johnson Controls. Don’t forget to stop by our booth 20005 and register for sessions to learn more about our integrated security solutions.

Guest Management

One key area where we expect technologies will take flight this year is improved guest management systems. Upgrades to these offerings will help elevate security practices to a more efficient level in business offices, hospitals, schools and other facilities.

Today, large office buildings typically have a security checkpoint in the lobby to gather guests’ information before allowing them entry. This outdated check-in system is not effective from a security standpoint. Not only does it not allow enough time to collect the most useful information from the visitor, but the time security personnel spend gathering information would be more efficiently spent monitoring the facility or tending to a potential threat.

Next generation technologies will enable a smarter check-in process. Connecting with a visitor prior to their visit would enable guests to enter their credentials and check-in at their leisure. Using a registered cellphone as an access point, the guest would only have entry to areas within the building where they are doing business, helping to keep security measures in place.

Gunshot Detection

FBI data shows a dramatic increase in annual active shooter incidents, from 1 incident in 2000 to 20 in 2015. Organizations and businesses need to proactively plan for possible incidents and have technology in place to help speed up a potential response.

The gunshot detection technologies available today can pinpoint the exact location where shots were fired and enable lock down procedures. To further improve accuracy and reduce false alarms, more advanced detection technologies use dual authentication to detect gun shots based on infrared flash and acoustic. The technology can also trigger live and recorded video surveillance footage of the area and provides immediate notification to first responders within seconds.

With active shooter technology being such a hot topic at ISC West this year, we're hosting virtual reality trainings for active shooter preparedness and response. Visit our registration page for more information.

Cybersmart Buildings

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming omnipresent in our ever-connected world, and represents an emerging area of risk – and opportunity – that both security practitioners and business leaders alike must address today. Smart buildings represent a premier example of this; physical security technology, building automation systems, fire safety, and more, are rapidly integrating to generate a new value proposition.

As smart technologies evolve, so too do security solutions to better protect and maintain physical building systems and improve occupant experiences. The best security systems are integrated with other building systems to deliver value greater than the sum of the individual parts. When your life-safety system works in cooperation with other building systems, you minimize risk and maximize building efficiency and productivity.

We’ll be hosting a panel presentation at ISC West that will help all stakeholders in building operations and building systems understand both the opportunities associated with connected building systems. 

Looking ahead, in the year to come I expect that we will continue to see businesses increase their focus on innovation, releasing unique products that are tailored to customer needs. I look forward to seeing what comes out of ISC West this year and what’s next in the security industry.

What other technology predictions do you have for this year’s show? Please share them with me in the comments.

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