Author: Linda Haury, Senior Marketing Executive
Published: Mon, Jun 4, 2018

The Johnson Controls team is headed to Las Vegas next week for the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) annual conference and expo, one of the largest and most comprehensive fire, electrical and life safety events in the world. It is a fantastic opportunity to network with experts and learn about product and solution innovations across the industry.

With Tyco SimplexGrinnell fully integrated within Johnson Controls, there is a new level of interoperability and connectivity available to organizations looking to improve safety, reduce costs and maximize efficiency of their operations. We are excited to exhibit at the show and get the chance to speak with attendees and customers about our integrated, connected approach to fire and life safety products and solutions, all while bringing some of those products to life through booth demonstrations.

A connected building is a safer building

Connected, integrated and responsive technology is key in an effective fire and life safety solution.  Problems and potential emergencies can be detected sooner when data is exchanged between fire solutions and other building systems. For example, HVAC systems can warn fire systems about a potential smoke issue, prompting swift action and engaging a highly-targeted emergency communications alert system. Response time is faster and more accurate, and solutions can be tailored, such as adjusting smoke and heat detection based on the most populated areas of a building.

Improving safety measures is, and should be, the priority as organizations evaluate these technologies. Simultaneously, facility owners and managers need to consider how technologies fit into overall operational and budget considerations.

Driving efficiency and reducing costs

Maximizing safety while still meeting goals for efficiency and operating budgets is important to facility management teams. Our integrated fire products and solutions are designed to help lower upfront costs with a faster installation, and help prevent unexpected costs down the road by using data to predict future safety needs.

A connected fire safety solution on a unified platform is easy for busy facility managers to maintain and control, while helping to make reporting and compliance processes smoother. Our fire systems inspection application, which we’ll be showcasing at this year’s show, is designed and developed with extensive flexibility to support customers as regulations and organizational needs evolve. We also offer our self-maintainer customers an online community, which is a valuable resource where they can post questions, chat about industry regulations and policies, and share best practices with each other.

The Johnson Controls team is looking forward to an exciting few days at NFPA catching up on industry happenings while speaking with organizations on the benefits of connected, integrated fire and life safety strategies.

What are you looking forward to seeing at the NFPA Annual Conference & Expo 2018?

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