Author: Julie Brown, Institutional Market Leader, Tyco
Published: Thu, Nov 30, 2017

The 100th day of school is approaching. A time when teachers and students are celebrating the year’s midpoint, school administrators are focused on keeping their students and staff safe for the next 100 days.

While news headlines regularly highlight violent incidents at schools, there are more common occurrences that also require the need for security protocols to be in place. A critical component for addressing this need is your visitor management strategy.

Intrusion detection technology can help guard your school against unauthorized visitors. Incorporating infrared, motion sensors, card access and more, its designed to manage the flow of people entering and exiting your building. Regardless of whether staff are present in a specific area, such as a designated wing, intrusion detection systems can ensure the space is secured 24/7 through integration with video surveillance and remote management tools and alerts.

Emergency dispatch services should be another component of your strategy, for times when additional enforcement is needed. Panic alarms come in many forms, everything from door, window and exit panic devices to wireless panic devices that can notify authorities instantly and silently so responders can be dispatched quickly and effectively. Some systems also provide a full spectrum of monitoring and reporting tools to oversee facility access at any time.

Additionally, when combined with systems like video surveillance and access control, intrusion detection can help schools increase operational efficiency. Integrated systems can put the right cameras in the right places to help a facility keep eyes on high trafficked locations. This can also be helpful in investigative procedures to uncover stolen or damaged items.

While a school building should be secure at all times, it also needs to be accommodating to visitors. During any given school day, students are signed in and out due to illness or appointments. In addition, community, club and sporting events often take place at schools in the evening, bringing in more foot traffic.

Managing the permission of those visiting children in school should be a core component to your visitor management strategy in a K-12 setting.  For example, in custody cases, a parent may come to the school that does not have visitation rights. The ability to check for and document these visitors is essential.

It's important to welcome, yet oversee, these visitors. For instance, consider keeping certain doors unlocked, setting up a Mobile Security Management system and requiring visitors to register at the main entrance with proof of identification.

Ultimately, a comprehensive visitor management plan can help keep your school safe while not compromising a welcoming learning environment. Visit our website for additional tools that can help ensure the safety of your students, faculty, administrators and visitors.


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