Author: Joe Oliveri, Vice President, General Manager, Security, Johnson Controls’ Building Technologies & Solutions, North America
Published: Thu, Oct 25, 2018

It is the unfortunate reality that active shooter incidents have become far too commonplace in the U.S. FBI data shows this dramatic increase in annual active shooter incidents, from 1 incident in 2000 to 30 in 2017. The same data highlights the number of people killed or injured in active shooter incidents has increased over 100 percent from 231 in 2014 and 2015 to 943 in 2016 and 2017. Every second counts when dealing with an active shooter. These sobering statistics serve as proof points for why organizations and businesses need to proactively plan for possible incidents and have technology in place to increase response and to help save lives.

This is especially true for public, high-trafficked spaces, such as shopping plazas, stadiums or campuses, where the constant flux of people offers vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Moreover, the high concentration of people across multiple levels and floors pose added security challenges and make it especially difficult to identify suspicious behavior and should an incident occur, respond in an accurate manner. In the event of an emergency, it is quintessential to invest in technology and solutions that enable security teams to have real-time communication with first responders for swift action.

Adding an extra layer of security

With this in mind, businesses should consider adding advanced gunshot detection technologies to their security systems. The technology can seamlessly integrate with their existing security technology, like access control, video surveillance and mass notification systems, to provide a quicker response and additional insights should shots be fired.

In the case of an active shooter, Everbridge’s collaboration with Johnson Controls provides customers with a Critical Event Management (CEM) platform to rapidly notify stakeholders with event details and instructions to help manage the overall response to the threat. The two-way, multimodal communications via Short Message Service (SMS) text, voice, email, desktop and the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled through Everbridge’s CEM platform and Safety Connection™ solution offers customers a communication path with employees, a real-time picture of employee locations and automated building lockdowns. Everbridge also works with Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), a Johnson Controls partner. When the Everbridge CEM platform is combined with the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System from SDS, the solutions can quickly notify and locate impacted individuals, offer further assistance and initiate facility lockdown emergency response plans.

Gun detection technologies facilitate the delivery of critical information to occupants— as well as emergency personnel— in the event of an active shooter so that the proper steps can be taken to quickly control the situation. In the wake of recent events, active shooter technology has proved to be an increasingly important tool to help keep public, high-trafficked spaces safe and speed up any necessary responses.


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