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Author: Joe Oliveri, Vice President, General Manager, Security, Johnson Controls’ Building Technologies & Solutions, North America
Published: Thu, Jan 4, 2018

2017 was a very eventful and an overall good year for the physical security market. New avenues of success for end users, integrators and manufacturers have reinforced the need for robust, integrated physical security technology. More specifically, the Internet of Things has enabled a wide array of devices and systems to be interconnected to create more comprehensive security solutions. This shift has verified the need for end users to invest in security programs that integrate multiple technologies, such as video surveillance and access control, for a multi-layered technology approach.

Looking ahead into 2018, integrated systems will continue to be implemented, helping to improve operations for end users. One key area where we expect these technologies will take flight this year is improved guest management systems. Upgrades to these offerings will help elevate security practices to a more efficient level in business offices, hospitals, schools and other facilities.

Visitors have always presented unknown challenges for security in facilities with a continuous flow of people. For example, today, large office buildings typically have a security checkpoint in the lobby with a visitor badge set up to gather guests’ information before allowing them entry. However, this out dated check-in system is not effective from a security standpoint. Not only does this system not allow enough time to collect the most useful information from the visitor, but the time security personnel spend gathering information would also be more efficiently spent monitoring the facility or tending to a potential threat. Additionally, once the check-in process is over, the only way security can truly monitor all of the visitor’s activity is by keeping a continuous eye on the video surveillance.

To help move away from this guest management inefficiency, next-generation technologies will enable a smarter check-in process. Rather than waiting to set up a visitor’s badge upon arrival, guests will be able to enter in their credentials and check-in at their leisure, prior to their visit. The profile they create is then connected to the cloud where the facility reviews their information and either approves or denies access. Using their registered cellphone as an access point and the information provided, the guest will then only have entry to areas within the building where they are doing business, helping to keep security measures in place. This process reduces downtime, granting security the ability to track visitors long after the checkpoint and ensures certain areas of the facility are restricted if needed.

As smarter, connected security solutions become available, the need for a single-source integrator will become increasingly more important. From complex planning and layout to installation and system integration, end users want a partner who can support all components of a security program and oversee end-to-end solutions. At Johnson Controls, we’re committed to providing solutions and strategies that help our customers run their businesses in the most effective and secure way as possible, and we look forward to implementing even more innovative solutions in 2018.

What other technologies do you think we will see become more efficient this year? Please share them with me in the comments.  

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