Author: Linda Haury, Director, Marketing Communications and Digital
Published: Mon, Aug 6, 2018

To continue education around our expanded portfolio of offerings now that Tyco is Johnson Controls, we held a Smart Ready Panel discussion with top Boston thought leaders and customers at the iconic Fenway Park. The conversation focused on how venues, buildings and cities can become more intelligent, secure and sustainable as they plan for the future.

Panelists included Clay Nesler, vice president, global sustainability and industry initiatives, Johnson Controls, who shared findings from the 2017 Energy Efficiency Indicator Survey and teased upcoming 2018 results. Nesler was joined by Sam Kennedy, president and CEO of the Boston Red Sox, Elinor Klavens, senior analyst at the Sports Innovation Lab, Catherine Carlock, real estate editor at Boston Business Journal, and Kyle Gross, general manager at BostInno. Their discussion provided insights for organizations seeking guidance around the application of smart technologies, as well as best practices for those interested in optimizing technologies that are already in place.

Last year, 46 percent of organizations integrated their building systems, with 80 percent reporting that they plan to in the future, according to Johnson Controls 2017 Energy Efficiency Indicator Survey, which was based on responses from 1,500 organizations in 12 countries around the world.

“That's a huge uptick over the last couple of years,” explained Nesler. “Now I’m sure you’re wondering, what exactly are organizations integrating? The number one application across the globe is life-safety systems, with 85 percent reporting to integrate. Security is the next most popular systems integration at 72 percent. These two areas are led by the U.S. and Canada on a global basis.”

Whether planning to implement smart building functionalities today or in the future, it’s important to look for building systems that are easily integrated and upgraded with new software, hardware and security capabilities. In addition to providing better service and access to advanced technology, we can connect our industry-leading security, fire and life-safety solutions to other systems, including HVAC and building controls, as Johnson Controls is uniquely positioned to help customers become smarter, safer and more sustainable.

Keep an eye on our Insights page to learn more key takeaways from our Smart Ready Panel discussion at Fenway Park.

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