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Case Study: Bennett Day School

Schools are in the business of learning, and learning happens best in a secure environment. When security is ironclad and invisible, parents, teachers and administrators enjoy peace of mind; and students thrive because their environment still leaves room for them to explore and discover.

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Why LA Sweetz Chooses Tyco

As a retailer, you need a business security solution that is both easy to use and implement and able to expand with your growing business. Discover why LA Sweetz owner Letty Alvarez uses a comprehensive security plan to secure her livelihood.

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Customer Case Study : Toshiba Business Solutions

Learn how Toshiba's Business Solutions(USA)augmented and improved headquarters security with help of Tyco IS unique approach to integrated security solutions.Read the full case study here.

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Auto Retailer Pilots Video Alarm

Without a centralized security manager to control security to over 250 locations nationwide, a leading automobile retailer chose Tyco Integrated Security for its outdoor video alarm verification. Here's how:

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Securing Bus Transportation Infrastructure

The bus transit industry faces challenges everyday, and Tyco Integrated Security is hard at work addressing them.

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Security Solutions for London's O2 Arena

Find out what it took to implement O2 security. Tyco Integrated Security delivered arena security solutions to meet all the requirements for an arena as big as O2.

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Security for Water Facility Sites

After September 11th, the U.S. water industry was forced to re-assess their risks. Realizing that the threat of an attack on U.S. soil had potentially increased, water service companies began to evaluate their security solutions.

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The Impact of RFID Technology

Learn about different RFID security concerns and how Tyco Integrated Security can help.

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V.A. Healthcare Implements PSIM

A U.S. Veterans Administration healthcare facility's need to comply with HSPD-12 requirements led to concerns over its lack of centralized, integrated control.

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Video Auditing for Specialty Retailers

As a retailer, reducing shrinkage from shoplifting, employee theft, vendor fraud and administrative errors is a constant struggle.

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