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It used to be the stuff of science fiction, seen in futuristic movies and television shows.  But now, biometric technology is quickly becoming a common means of security and access control.  Every individual is unique, and biometrics provides identity authentication based on that person’s physical characteristics such as fingerprints, hand geometry, face recognition or iris. With biometrics technology, an individual's attributes once scanned, can quickly be authenticated to allow or restrict access to your facilities or sensitive areas of operations. 

Tyco Integrated Security offers a solution - whether it’s a fingerprint, iris scan, or any other combination of attributes, biometrics technology can further enhance access control, authenticating that your users are positively identified, and individual identities and authorities aren’t compromised. Tyco Integrated Security offers a comprehensive biometrics solution for security and access control that gives you the power to know who is in your facility, and when. The system is unobtrusive and user-friendly as it seamlessly scans the individual's attributes to reliably control access to anywhere throughout your facility.  With Tyco Integrated Security’s biometrics technology, lost cards, forgotten passwords and outdated keypads are a thing of the past. The federal government is focusing on personal identity verification for employees and contractors and some agencies are deploying biometrics technology on their card readers. Tyco Integrated Security, through its Federal Systems Division (FSD), continues to be a leader in deploying federally compliant access control with enhanced security using biometrics.

It’s Not Just Physical Entry, But for Virtual or Computer Security. The security of confidential data, essential to any organization, is vulnerable to attacks from inside and outside.  And securing these assets using enhanced access control can be significantly improved with biometrics technology. The most reliable implementation of biometrics for access control has traditionally been fingerprinting and iris scans, while the utilization of additional technologies and integrated software support from Tyco Integrated Security delivers even more comprehensive, enhanced solutions.

For enterprise network administrators, Tyco Integrated Security’s biometrics solution can be deployed to further help protect end-user desktop and laptop users.  A major benefit of deploying biometrics for network login is the avoidance of issues and lost time associated with forgotten and reset passwords.

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