Today’s security systems are extending the reach of businesses of all shapes and sizes - allowing them to gain powerful new insights into operations, performance and customer behaviors. Using many of the same systems that are already in place for security, companies are discovering new tools for capturing “business intelligence” that is relevant and impactful to their business performance.  By integrating their existing security and surveillance systems in new and smarter ways, they’re gaining insights that help them improve their operations and increase profitability in key areas. Here are some of the ways today’s smart companies are using business intelligence to make a difference.

All Eyes on Performance:  Often it’s the little efficiencies in business -- rounding out the big ones -- that add up to significant differences in bottom-line performance. By harnessing the power of security systems such as cameras, sensors and access control systems to better monitor their operations, companies are using business intelligence to improve operational performance in a variety of ways. From monitoring employee and departmental performance, to gauging open/close schedules for multiple locations, to counting retail store traffic by time of day, the opportunity exists to add valuable business intelligence to virtually any business.

Tabs on Employee Access:  Take the example of a company that already utilizes an access control system to manage movement in and out of its facility.  By taking a step to integrate this existing system using today’s physical security management tools, a whole new level of business intelligence can be achieved. Customized reports can be tailored to yield insights into employee entry/exit times, frequency and duration of vendor visits, after-hours activity by department or employee and more. And by integrating video cameras into the solution, the possibilities for operational insights can be enhanced further. Are shift changes occurring smoothly, allowing uninterrupted workflow? Do staffing levels align with peak production intervals? How are various departments performing in meeting and managing their responsibilities? With the variety the new integration options available for business intelligence gathering, managers are better able to see what’s really happening in their departments, and to make decisions based on actionable information.  From data captured by access control systems, cameras, motion and intrusion sensors and more, to the ability to perform live video look-in on departmental operations from anywhere, the ability to capture vital business intelligence has never been greater.

Make Sure Your Locations Open and Close on Time:  Being sure that your locations are opening and closing on time is vital to realizing your full potential performance and profitability. By integrating your security systems across multiple locations, you can capture the business intelligence that tells you which of your locations are meeting on-time performance, and which need corrective action. What’s more, you can receive this information when and how you want it -- based on your own customized reporting parameters.

Traffic Counting and Analytics:  Traffic intelligence allows you to capture information about store traffic and traffic patterns in your retail or other business location. A variety of smart solutions are available to provide valuable insights into traffic analytics, including people counting, dwell times, line queuing and more. With video analytics and other integrated traffic intelligence solutions, you can know more about the shopping habits of your customers, gaining insights that lead to increased profitability through better decision-making about merchandising, procedures, staff levels and more.

Supply Chain Management:  For companies engaged in high-volume, high-value inventory management, RFID solutions supply the vital business intelligence needed for supply chain inventory tracking and item-level visibility -- helping businesses keep tighter control over their inventory, reducing losses due to shrinkage throughout the supply chain. RFID solutions help you track the shipment of goods, pallets, products and more -- from the moment they enter your facilities, to the time they are shipped. And because these RFID security solutions are open, modular and flexible, they allow for future scalability through the use of open standards. In the area of logistics management, business intelligence provides the tools you need to help minimize risks and ensure the most efficient use of resources. Passive and active monitoring of shipping/receiving activities helps companies gain tighter control over inventory and operations. Location Based Services can show the movement and usage of physical assets, and the exact location of your mobile assets in near real time.

A Sharper Competitive Edge…and Higher ROI: The trend toward gathering business intelligence is swiftly accelerating, with companies seeking to better monitor and measure key metrics of their business performance in order to sharpen their competitive edge. By utilizing many of the security systems you already in place -- including disparate technology from multiple vendors -- the ability to capture business intelligence creates added value for management level insights, while dramatically increasing the ROI of your security infrastructure investment.


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