The importance of fire and life safety is well known to most businesses.  But how can you ensure that your business is fully compliant with fire codes and regulations, including national, statewide and local municipal codes?  Here are a few guidelines designed to help you in the quest to make your business compliant.

1. Understand how local codes work with state or federal codes.  

Although there are federal fire and life codes (NFPA, OSHA, etc.) and state codes that regulate fire and life safety, in practical terms, most fire codes are local.  This is true because, in most cases, the agencies or fire departments doing your inspections and follow-ups will be local.  It is therefore best to begin with local codes. In almost all jurisdictions, if there is an exception to a state or federal code, the local codes and regulations are the ones that will be most strictly adhered to.  

2. Know The Correct Codes And Regulations For Your Specific Business.  

Local fire code regulations may also depend on the kind of business you have.  Part of ensuring compliance with these regulations is to be aware of the specific regulations governing your business. For example, if your business stores combustible liquids, you will likely have different inspection schedules than a mercantile or storage related business. Similarly, a restaurant or a club will have different exit or entryway requirements than a small office complex.  Different uses determine different applicable codes.  In many areas, if your business works with environmentally sensitive materials, your local codes may reflect different compliance regulations which may be strictly enforced.

3. Make Sure That The Codes You Follow Are Up-To-Date. 

Unfortunately, code compliance may present further complexity as regulations are often evolving and subject to modification.  This may even happen simultaneously at the federal, state, country or municipal levels, as codes are often revised to keep up with changing threat evaluations. Because of this, keeping up with code changes and complexities can take dedicated vigilance and expertise.  

4. Seek out a Security Expert To Navigate the Complexity of Code Compliance.

It is critical for businesses to stay on top of local code compliance, and the most effective strategy for most businesses is to enlist the support of a qualified security expert – one who has experience working in your local jurisdiction.  Being out of compliance with fire and life safety codes can potentially cost your business more than just dollars.  An experienced specialist can guide you through the process of ensuring compliance with the local, state and national fire and life safety codes that are relevant to your business.

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