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As a food or beverage company, your products and profits can be compromised in a variety of ways — from a simple loss of refrigeration to a coordinated attack on the nation’s food supply.  You need strategies to counter all of these threats.  Tyco Integrated Security can implement best-in-class methods to provide both food safety to protect from simple spoilage, to food defense guarding against malicious intent. 

The food and beverage industry presents a number of unique challenges in addition to the threat of loss faced by most industries. Long, often international, supply chains must move quickly and safely through hundreds of hands and often through international borders. Sanitation and temperature must be maintained all along that chain. And if something goes wrong at any point, the damage can result not only in financial losses, but in extreme cases, the loss of life. That’s why it’s so important to have a proactive plan that provides comprehensive food protection, whether you’re an ingredient supplier, a manufacturer or a distributor.

Full FSMA Compliance: The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) of 2011 was implemented to provide greater safeguards to the US food supply. And while it undoubtedly makes the country safer from accidents and acts of terror, it imposes a number of new requirements on the industry, including:

The FSMA also grants new powers to the FDA including expanded inspection authority and the ability to issue product recalls. It’s important to consider that a single recall due to safety violations can often run into the millions of dollars when you factor in costs, fines and loss of business.  Tyco Integrated Security has worked closely with the FDA, Department of Homeland Security and many other government agencies to develop best practices for compliance with the new law, which in turn provides investment protection for our clients.  We can show you how to address a number of critical concerns, including:


Just as important as the safety measures we put in place is the documentation of your vital security plans that you’ll be able to easily access.  This documentation is critical for FDA inspections and can mean the difference between a simple inspection and a potential fine or product recall.  With our comprehensive understanding of FSMA, we can deliver industry-leading solutions that provide full compliance with the law and while greatly reducing risks to your products and profits.  In order to protect food and beverage products at every step, from ingredient sourcing to final sale, Tyco Integrated Security has developed a methodology we call the 4 A’s.  Through a comprehensive security review, we can help you identify and evaluate all reasonably foreseeable hazards and develop plans to prevent adulteration.  This assessment is based on FDA/USDA guidelines, helping you meet or exceed FSMA compliance requirements.


The 4 A's of Food Defense:


Assess – Discovers vulnerabilities at critical control points:  

  • We can help you develop the policies and physical controls required to prevent unauthorized access while keeping operations moving.
  • Review of access and choke points to determine where access paths need isolation from sensitive areas

Access – Allow only authorized personnel into critical areas - our solutions include:

  • Control cards for secure physical access
  • RFID tracking of personnel within a facility
  • Video monitoring of personnel integrated with access control monitoring
  • Management of multiple sites with web-based, multisite solutions
  • Proactive real-time monitoring for intrusion detection

Alert – Provide continuous monitoring of control points and other mission-critical data:

  • Real-time security and critical condition monitoring
  • Correlation of multiple events and systems to enforce policies across the enterprise
  • Active monitoring of in-transit shipments, including monitoring for misdirection or misuse
  • Traceability of high-risk products
  • Temperature and humidity sensors throughout the cold chain

Audit – Assure that best practices are being followed and documented:

  • Access to security cameras and DVRs from any authorized computer
  • Analytics that can improve operational and employee performance
  • Intuitive reporting for regulatory compliance and business insight


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