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Security systems are designed to protect your people, assets, facilities and operations.  But have you considered how they also drive increased profitability in business?  Here are some of the ways that smart security solutions are being used to protect and enhance security along with bottom line profits -- examples that works in thousands of companies, in all types of business, today. Let the specialists at Tyco Integrated Security work closely with you to help you reach new levels in business protection and performance - developing solutions that are designed around your unique business operations.

Make sure your locations open and close on time:  
Knowing that your facilities are opening and closing on time is a vital part of ensuring profitable operations. With Tyco’s DataSource portal, you know. With this portal, late open and early closes  are logged based on the customer’s schedule of regular open and close times. This allows you to make more informed decisions and achieve better operating performance along with increased efficiency and productivity.  Let us give you a demo of DataSource and we'll show you how it can help improve your operations and manage your security.

Monitor critical conditions such as temperature, water and humidity:  
Monitoring can help enhance the security of your business operations, and reduce your risk of loss, damage and business interruption. With Critical Condition Monitoring, Tyco Integrated Security responds whenever a critical condition is detected.  This can include critical conditions on a specific device or alarm, such as a freezer alarm, computer room temperature sensor, indoor flood detection device or other devices designed to monitor conditions critical to your business operations.  We can also monitor various other business operations or setup video analytic surveillance to monitor them for you.

Watch live video of your business operations from anywhere:  
The ability to “look-in” on your business operations with live video -- and to manage many aspects of your security remotely -- provides powerful new tools for enhancing productivity, efficiency and performance. With Mobile Security Management from Tyco Integrated Security, all of this is possible from your Smartphone or tablet.  Whether you are operating one or many locations, it’s a tool to help you enhance workplace safety, protection, loss prevention and business productivity -- enabling new ways to manage and optimize business processes, in addition to better controlling security.

Accept monitored, unmanned deliveries after hours:  
What if you could accept unmanned after-hours deliveries, without the cost of having after-hours employees? With Unmanned Delivery Service, you can accept unmanned deliveries safely and securely -- and Tyco Integrated Security gives you two smart ways to do it.  First, you can choose to have the service supervised by Tyco Integrated Security specialists, who provide video verification, temporary access, video monitoring of the delivery and re-arming of the system. Or, you can handle these management activities yourself with Mobile Security Management. Either way, it’s a solution that helps you work smarter, saving time and money, while increasing organizational flexibility.

Monitor customer traffic and customer interactions:  
With video analytic surveillance, it’s also easy to see exactly what is going on in your business locations at any time. You can use video analytics to monitor employee performance, departmental activities, customer interactions, traffic counts and more.  This lets you see exactly what is occurring in your place(s) of business, so you can detect potential problems, take corrective actions and make management decisions on a more informed basis.

Discover all the ways our security solutions can help you work smarter
From gaining new management insights into your business, to helping you more efficiently manage many day-to-day operations, we welcome the opportunity to show you how our security solutions can help you protect your business, manage your security, and enhance your operations while improving your profitability.


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