Arming your business security system to maximize insurance savings.

Let’s start with the obvious - installing a business security system is the best thing you can do to reduce the cost of your company’s insurance premiums.  But did you know that by being smart in the planning of your security systems, you can save even more?  Here are 4 ways to be smart about planning your security systems to maximize your protection and insurance savings:

1. Install a monitored fire detection and alarm system.  

For most businesses, fire alarm systems are required in order to meet local, state and national fire codes. But be sure to take steps to make your fire safety smarter.  To get a discount on your premium, most insurance companies require 24-hour “central station” monitoring performed by someone other than your local police department.  In many cases they require an Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) certified fire alarm system. 

2. Install a monitored burglar alarm system.  

Burglar alarm systems and security alarm systems are proven to reduce the risk of business loss. No wonder insurance companies are willing to discount your policy premiums based on the type of system you have installed.  Today’s smart systems can include intrusion detection, motion detection, video surveillance and other solutions that work together to provide advanced protection.  Again, be sure both your alarm system hardware and installer are UL certified, and opt for 24-hour central station monitoring.

3. Install monitored temperature and moisture detection systems.  

By monitoring critical environmental conditions at your facilities around the clock, you can add extra protection that in some cases may qualify for additional insurance savings.  These systems can help reduce the chance of man-made and natural disasters such as flooding, equipment failure, spills, gas leaks and more.

4. Install other smart systems designed around your business.  

If you are a manufacturer, distributor or retailer with extensive inventory, install an inventory loss prevention solution to cut your risk of loss. If you work with dangerous goods or extremely high-value merchandise or equipment, install access control technology to reduce the possibility of loss. If you are a transportation provider, consider fleet management solutions that help you better monitor and protect your fleet. Talk to your insurance company about specific solutions that can help mitigate your risk and lower your bills.

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Saving money on insurance is not the primary reason to install a business security system. The real reason is to help protect your business from loss in the first place.  But by being smart in the planning and installation of your business security, you can maximize your insurance savings, while protecting your business.

Tyco Integrated Security can show you how easy and affordable it is to get the protection your business needs. We’ll respond quickly with solutions that are proven to help reduce your risks.

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