As a business owner, there may come a time when relocating your business becomes a necessity.  Such a relocation involves making critical decisions related to your company’s current security systems, as well as the security needs of your new environment. Here are a few key suggestions to keep in mind during this critical transition.

1.  Take inventory of your present security needs and existing equipment

Before the big move, take an inventory of your current security infrastructure, and perform an assessment of critical areas of your operation and the specific types of protection they require. Take a top-to-bottom inventory and accounting of your business assets. This will help you create a comprehensive view of your current security investments and the specific areas of your business in need of protection. This inventory will also help assess which parts of your existing security infrastructure can be moved or re-utilized at your new location.

2.  Assess the security needs specific to your potential new location.  

With the information gathered from an assessment at your current location, you can begin to evaluate how this configuration may -- or may not -- translate to your new location.  A new facility in a new location may present different issues and concerns from your present situation, both externally and internally.  A comprehensive assessment of your new facility is necessary to ensure the protection your business needs now and in the future.

For external threats, you may consider conducting a crime vulnerability assessment with local police or a qualified security specialist.  You may determine that you require access control, video surveillance or parking lot safety to be part of your integrated protection plan.  For internal threats, which can be related more to the specific type of business you run, a consultation with a security specialist can help you decide if features like remote video look-in, inventory management, mobile asset management or other smart solutions make sense for your new facility.

3.  Consult with a specialist to plan accordingly.  

The need to relocate your business is an ideal opportunity to take advantage of new technologies that help you better monitor and manage your business. By upgrading your security systems, and taking advantage of the latest in integrated solutions, you can enhance your protection and management abilities for years to come. An integrated approach includes considerations of customized solutions that can add value to your business. A qualified security specialist can help you identify the most effective solutions for your business and assist you in making decisions that best fit the needs of your people, processes and facilities.

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