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In November 2014 voters of New York approved a $2 Billion bond act to provide smart technology funding for schools. The bond provides for technology to help keep campuses safe and secure. 

As an approved New York State Contract Provider, Tyco Integrated Security can provide the best security solutions at New York State contract pricing.We serve more than 5,000 schools nationwide and hundreds in New York. With our security knowledge and experienced local security professionals, we can help customize NYS Contract Number P63073, Award 20191 to meet a security solution to meet your K-12 campus needs.

We Provide the Support to Help You

  • Improve safety for students, visitors and faculty

  • Help reduce the risk of unauthorized visitors

  • Enhance communications with police and fire departments

  • Deter bullying, vandalism, alcohol and drug abuse

  • Aid in preventing property crimes, violent acts and theft

Education Security Solutions to Protect What Matters Most:

At Tyco Integrated Security, our holistic approach to campus safety and problem solving allows us to uniquely address your security needs. Using our security review process, we can help pinpoint critical areas of vulnerability and create a customized solution unique to your institution.

Smart Ways for a Safer School

Creating a safe learning environment doesn't happen without proper planning. Here are some useful guides that can help ensure the safety of your students, faculty, administrators and visitors to your school.

Today's security solutions are a perfect fit with the connected information technology-based systems supported by the Smart Schools initiative. Click here and watch the video to see how Bennett Day School – a private school in downtown Chicago – trusted Tyco Integrated Security to help keep their students safe.

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