Security Tips and Tactics: Early Detection

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In last month's issue we discussed how deterring crime by using proper lighting and strong locks on doors and windows is the first rule of good security.  Rule number two is the ability to detect events as quickly as possible as they're taking place. This includes being alerted to break-ins, unauthorized access to restricted areas, equipment failures or even fire.  A multi-function alarm system can provide a fast-response mechanism to promptly and adequately alert you to those events.

In addition, you should consider the following steps to help guard and expedite alerts in these areas of your business:

  • All movable doors on the first floor should be protected with door contacts.
  • Install motion detection in interior hallways, stairways and high-value areas.
  • Provide silent duress notification through keypads and/or under-counter buttons.
  • Monitor building refrigeration and ambient temperature in sensitive areas such as computer rooms, as well as water detection and flooding from busted pipes.

Another proven way to detect events – perhaps even before they happen – is through video monitoring. Live video can help you see loitering and suspicious behavior so you can proactively address potential threats against your employees and customers. Video also lets you monitor the premises for unsafe conditions that could result in liability suits and worker compensation claims. Furthermore, video monitoring can protect you against internal theft – and keep you from becoming part of the 30 percent of U.S. businesses that have failed because of it. An experienced security professional can help you determine what solutions are right for you, so you can protect your assets, employees and customers with efficiency and confidence.

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