When it comes to managing your operations with an eye to continual improvement, there’s no substitute for first-hand observation -- and good business intelligence.  That’s where a growing list of companies are finding new applications for their existing security infrastructure -- using technologies like video surveillance and access control to gain better insights into their business, while helping improve control over facilities and processes.  They are integrating video, access control and intrusion detection -- in many cases along with remote security management -- to expand their capabilities to monitor, manage and control their business in ways never possible before.

This article describes an approach born of the age of web-based video feeds, email and text alerts, and automatic alerts (set to your preferences), all delivered on the web-enabled platform of your choice (iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and more). It’s The ability to look in on your business at any time of the day or night to view deliveries, monitor after-hours access, perform video look-ins or receive alerts when particular motion, video or intrusion sensors are triggered.  In short, it’s the tool for owners and managers who value the ability to observe, monitor and control their business remotely, even if they are operating multiple facilities across geographically diverse areas (the system can be integrated to monitor multiple facilities.

An integrated solution for security and control
It starts with the realization that the security systems you already have in place -- video, access control and intrusion detection -- are one of the best sources of business information (and business intelligence) available to your organization. And that the investment in security systems that you have made to protect your business can now be leveraged to create more powerful tools that help improve your operations. Not only does this realization alter the value and cost proposition of building out an integrated solution to support your existing systems -- it also dramatically changes the ROI on your historical and current security investment.

Creating an operational advantage through security
With an integrated solution combining video, access and intrusion systems together with remote security management, business owners and managers have eyes into their business at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world. They can Receive automatic alerts when specific events occur at the business, such as after-hours employee access, entry into sensitive areas, activation of video sensors, etc. In this way, a powerful tool is created to help improve operations in critical areas like loss prevention, workplace violence, facility security and more.

Raising the bar with business intelligence
There’s even more to the story, of course. With today’s security cameras, access control systems, motion sensors and intrusion sensors, it is easy to combine integration that generates high value business intelligence using systems your organization already has in place.  From simple traffic counting and analytics, or activities such as monitoring shipping/receiving activity, lobby activity, staff access statistics and more, an integrated solution helps generate relevant business intelligence that is verifiable and actionable, provided in near real-time.

Using your existing security systems to do more
If you value the ability to better observe, manage and understand what’s going on with your business anytime, anywhere -- and want to use the systems you already have in place to do more to optimize your business productivity, efficiency and profitability -- an integrated solution from Tyco Integrated Security is just the solution you need. Talk to a Tyco Integrated Security specialist for more details and how to get started with a free consultation.  

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