Tyco recently opened its new Global Center of Excellence (GCoE) in Birmingham, Alabama. With the increasing number of global clients supported by the GCoE, this expansion of the center will allow Tyco to better serve clients with a single point of contact for their global security needs. The 24,000-square foot center will  also play a key role in the company's effort to create comprehensive solutions for customers that encompass a range of building systems.

“For us, we see a lot of customers asking for higher level solutions in a very consistent manner no matter where they are in the world," said Mark VanDover, president of Tyco Integrated Security.  "One of the major drivers is for us to bring the right resources together that can really help navigate that need depending on where the customer needs that.

"What we’ve done here is put together a cast of individuals that have higher level skills and are very focused on different aspects of the customer relationship – whether it’s presale or ongoing installation and service."

The GCoE enables multinational companies to streamline and standardize their security systems around the world. The center develops standards, technical specifications and detailed work plans that enable consistent security installations globally, while also providing customers with remote system audit services to verify functionality and compliance to corporate standards.

The new facility currently houses 90 employees, including certified design engineers, computer-aided design operators, program managers, system engineers and other specialists, who design and document global security standards for enterprise-level intrusion security, access control, video management, fire systems and integration.

The GCoE’s diverse team has multiple competencies, including fluency in 14 languages, and is well-versed in the business and cultural nuances required to successfully conduct business in the 38 countries the center supports, so customer standards and technical specifications can be maintained and updated as needed.

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