By Tom LeBlanc
Commercial Integrator

It won’t be the first commercial security integrator to offer clients a smartphone or tablet app, but Tyco Integrated Security says the time is right to unleash its Mobile Security Management app during ISC West 2013.

Although Tyco’s commercial security app is new, in a way it’s time-tested, says Jay Hauhn, VP of product management and industry relations. Tyco began delivering this mobile functionality to as part of its residential security packages about two years ago, he says. “We found that a lot of commercial customers wanted it.”

Tyco’s commercial clients already had online access to their security systems, albeit rather “cumbersome,” Hauhn acknowledges. Besides, he adds, commercial clients across all verticals no longer run their businesses through a desktop computer.

When Tyco developed its Mobile Security Management, it envisioned “an end user with an iPad or iPhone or Android,” Hauhn says, “and how they will interact with it.”

The offering includes a remote management application, including a virtual keypad, via any web-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets.

Users can easily arm and disarm the system at all hours and without rolling vehicles.

It’s limiting, however, to think of the app as a tool for allowing in late-night delivery men or some such after-hours task, Hauhn says. “We looked at how the products are going to serve the individual verticals and how they work horizontally across all verticals, and I really believe this is not going to ‘verticalized,’ if I can invent a word.

“It’s not just for late-night deliveries. It’s for medium-sized businesses looking to close their offices. It’s for companies that just want to make sure their system is armed. There’s the video [surveillance] functionality. Those functions cross horizontally across all verticals.”

Loss prevention is just part of what the new app provides Tyco commercial customers, Hauhn adds. In general, Tyco is trying to help its customers use data collected by security sensors to help them improve their businesses.

“It’s difficult to put an ROI around preventing bad things from happening, but when you start to look at this data differently your whole ROI changes and that’s the long-term direction of where we’re taking this mobile security management.

“We’re not the first to market, but as we go deeper into this it will provide more information about the business enterprise and not just security.”

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