All eyes on Fenway with new wireless video surveillance system

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee once referred to it as a “shrine", and for millions of baseball fans around the world, it’s hallowed ground. With more than 100 years of rich baseball history echoing off its outfield walls (including the 37’ Green Monster in left field), Fenway Park is one of the world’s most celebrated and most visible professional sports venues.


New video surveillance technology for Major League Baseball’s oldest: All of this makes protecting the people, players and facilities of Fenway Park a challenging mission for the ballpark’s world-class security team. Here’s how Tyco Integrated Security responded to the call to bring new security technology to America’s oldest Major League Baseball stadium — how the best team in security stepped up to the plate with a solution that helps preserve Fenway Park’s storied past and safeguard its exciting future.

As a public venue that accommodates millions of visitors annually, employs hundreds of employees and contractors, and hosts high-profile visitors requiring extraordinary protection, Fenway Park presents considerable security challenges. To provide an effective level of security, systems must be designed to provide visibility throughout all areas of operation, helping to protect people and property against external theft, vandalism, employee theft and other crimes.  In addition, they must address the potential for public violence or terrorist attacks.  In the case of securing Fenway, the mission had another important component:  working with the historical commission to ensure that all work was performed according to strict guidelines designed to protect the historical integrity of the oldest ballpark in baseball.

Sizing up the challenge and stepping up to the plate with advanced technology:  The scale of the solution required by the security team at Fenway Park called for big thinking on the part of a collaborative team led by Tyco Integrated Security’s Tim Lynch and John Moore. Comprised of specialists from Tyco Integrated Security’s design, installation and integration groups, the team designed an advanced, wireless video surveillance network that gives Fenway Park one of the preeminent security solutions among sports venues today.

Over 100 advanced, wireless IP video surveillance cameras in one seamless, easy-to-manage network:  Tyco Integrated Security installed an advanced digital video surveillance network featuring more than 100 wireless IP video cameras, including specialized cameras for infrared nighttime viewing. "The new system enables security personnel to monitor gates, concession areas, fans in the stadium, and park grounds", says Lynch, adding that a variety of cameras provide continuous surveillance day and night. "By integrating a number of existing analog cameras into the network, we protected the security team’s prior investments and enhanced the performance of existing security infrastructure.

Better visibility and management is achieved through a seamless video enterprise: According to Moore, another key part of the solution is the “management intelligence” that the system provides. “By integrating everything into a seamless, easy to manage system, we make it easier to stay on top of it all.”  The Tyco Integrated Security team installed Tyco Security Products’ Victor/VideoEdge, which enables park personnel to manage security, surveillance and event management through a single interface.

Electronic access control to restrict entry into sensitive areas:  To provide additional physical security for sensitive areas within the ballpark, the teams at Tyco Integrated Security installed electronic access control systems at key locations, creating an additional layer of protection for personnel, assets and facilities. These systems prevent entry by unauthorized personnel into designated areas of the ballpark, and provide a record of who is entering the facilities, the time of their visit, length of stay and more.

What’s on deck? Integrating video and access control, replacement of analog devices: In its continuing pursuit of enhanced ballpark security, the team at Fenway is already planning its next move, when Tyco Integrated Security will fully integrate their access control systems and digital video network within the same security management enterprise solution. This integrated solution will provide visual collaboration and remote look-in support for all access control system activity, with enhanced protection levels and potential life safety benefits. The Fenway team also plans to replace its remaining analog cameras on a phased basis.

Helping the folks at the ballpark ensure a safe and entertaining fan experience: By focusing our knowledge and experience on meeting the needs of your business security, we help you better focus on what’s important in your business. In the case of Fenway Park, Tyco Integrated Security has been able to deliver advanced solutions that help it better protect the fans, players and property, in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Lynch notes that, “Fenway Park personnel have been an excellent partner with us and how we’ve worked together is what we wish to have with every customer.”


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