Learn the general types of Video Management Platforms and how they are used:


Video management systems range from basic to sophisticated enterprise solutions. 

They are available in the following platforms:

    • Software-only solution
    • Hardware solution
    • Bundled hardware solution



video management software VMS



Software Platform

A software platform for video management includes one of the following:
video management software VMS


  1. A built-in web interface that is embedded in several NVRs
  2. A dedicated video management software program with a Windows-based or web-based interface.

The number of cameras that can be supported by a software platform is dependent on the hardware capacity of the system. This can put a strain on the scalability of the software platform for managing video.



Hardware Platform

A hardware platform for video management commonly includes a server connected to multiple PCs that run video management software programs.  
hardware video management The hardware platform allows any number of cameras to be added to the system as needed, making it fully scalable.



Bundled Hardware Platform

A bundled hardware platform for video management includes NVR hardware with preinstalled video management software.
bundled Video Managment Platform


Bundled hardware platforms are designed only for a set number of cameras and are therefore less scalable.

Sometimes, a bundled hardware solution is chosen to reduce set-up and installation complexity, but this solution is less flexible and offers fewer customization options.

The choice of video management platform depends on the current and future application requirements.



Video Management Features

  • Simultaneous live viewing, recording, playback, transmitting of video, complex database searching, exporting, and archiving of the recorded video
  • It supports large system layouts to manage multiple video cameras, DVRs, and NVRs
  • Managing video from multiple video systems with the virtual matrix option. It allows videos to be viewed on a video wall in a command center
  • Event management through configuration of event actions and alarms for a range of predefined conditions
  • Video analytics and forensic searches
  • Configuration of different video settings for each camera for a variety of video usage




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