Learn about the general types of video surveillance recording devices from the past and present:


  1. IP Server
  2. NVR
  3. Hybrid DVR
  4. DVR
  5. VCR
  6. CCTV
Video Recording Devices


IP Server

IP server or "Cloud" video recorders capture and process the various video signals coming from the IP cameras connected to the IP network.
IP server video recorder


  1. Functions like other IP servers but is programmed for Video Surveillance
  2. Feature set depends on the software and types of cameras used.


  1. Delivers superior image quality regardless of viewer location
  2. Can be configured and scaled as needed for large system demands



A Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a recording device that allows customers to view, control, and record videos from IP cameras through the use of an IP network. 
Network Video Recorder NVR


  1. Captures images and transmits compressed video over the IP network
  2. Scalable to multiple cameras and encoders


  1. Simultaneous recording and live access to both recorded and live views
  2. Integrates with systems like access control and video analytics


Hybrid DVR

A hybrid DVR is a DVR device that supports both analog and IP cameras.
hybrid DVR


  1. View both Analog or IP cameras
  2. View from a web browser


  1. View footage from analog or IP cameras in the same way
  2. Does not require encoders



A DVR is a recording device or head end. It contains software, video storage, and a computer hard disk all in a single unit.
Security DVR recorder


  1. Remote Accessibility
  2. Computer-based archive storage


  1. Program different settings for each camera
  2. Can be rack mounted or stand-alone



VCR is the original Video Cassette Recorder, recording video captured from analog cameras.
VCR video casette recorder


  1. Is now outdated technology
  2. Often used to record in older CCTV configurations




Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV, uses older analog technology but the term 'CCTV' is still often used by those looking for a modern "closed loop" Video Surveillance system.
cctv monitoring


  1. Is now outdated technology
  2. Consisted of multiple analog cameras, an actual television monitor, an analog control panel/switching and a VCR to record.
  3. Often replaced by DVR or IP-based Video Surveillance



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