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White Papers

Industry Specific White Papers have in-depth discussions of business security issues, unique challenges faced, and other topics.

In-depth discussions and analyses of key business security topics. Our informative white papers provide an in-depth look at important business security issues, including some of the unique challenges faced by the industries and customers we serve. Browse our white paper library and download white papers of interest to you.

Total Security Management Brochure

Total Security Management Made Simple

Our total security solution is a common platform that includes access control, Internet protocol (IP) video surveillance and intrusion detection. Learn how Total Security can simplify and streamline even the most complex security procedures and environments. Find out more >

Mass Notification - Lynx Emergency Alert Notification Brochure

Lynx Emergency Alert Notification

Emergency situations are on the rise. When events occur, the importance of informing everyone within an organization or facility quickly and accurately has become critical. Learn how Lynx Emergency Notification can be installed to help enhance protection.  Find out more >

Cloud Based Video Solutions - The Future

The Future and Cloud-Based Video Solutions

Relative to society's climbing technological advances, crimes have become more sophisticated and complex. In response, businesses are utilizing fast, critical information to ensure their safety and survival. Learn how cloud-based video surveillance tools provide your business with advanced security to enhance company protection. Find out more >

Tyco Food Defense Ebook

New Food Defense Rule: Ensure Your Company Complies with FSMA

Don’t wait for the final version of the FSMA rule to protect against intentional adulteration of your company’s ingredients and food products. Discover the best ways to review existing documentation and audit procedures and policies to ensure your food defense plan complies with all of the new federal requirements. Find out more >

Surveillance Camera Stock Photo

Help Protect Your Business with Video Surveillance

Many business owners are using video surveillance technology as part of a comprehensive security plan. Find out how video surveillance technology can help your business. Find out more >

Making Security Technology Work for Your Warehousing Facility

Making Security Technology Work for Your Facility

Discover how with advanced security technology and reliable solutions, you’ll have the ability to manage your facility no matter where you are. Find out more >

Religious and Education White Paper

How to Proactively Protect Schools and Religious Buildings

School administrators and leaders of religious organizations want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that access to their campuses and buildings is controlled and monitored. Discover what security measures other community leaders are using and how to use technology to better secure your community. Find out more >

The Risks of "One Size Fits All" Security Solutions

The Risks of "One Size Fits All" Security

Security concerns differ from industry to industry. So why do many businesses settle for one-size-fits-all security systems? Discover the potential threats to businesses such as car dealerships, restaurants and retailers, and the ways you can better protect against them. Find out more >

Reliable, Easy-to-use technology stock photo

Reliable, Easy-to-Use Security Technology

Small-business owners are turning to mobile and other technologies to obtain affordable peace of mind when it comes to security. Learn how accessible, easy-to-use solutions can help lower security costs and give you peace of mind. Find out more >

White Papers provide in-depth discussions of security issues, unique challenges faced by industries, and other topics.

Security Tools and Their Unexpected Uses

As a small-business owner, you have many tasks on your plate and are often short on time. The latest security tools can give you a valuable look into your business. Learn ways to leverage security resources as part of your company’s overall business strategy, and use the insights to help you run a safer and smarter business. Find out more >

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