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With a number of industrial security companies to choose from finding a comprehensive and customized solution has become a daunting task. At Tyco Integrated Security, we offer end-to-end integrated industrial security solutions customized to your specifications, enhancing security operations throughout the commercial and industrial enterprise spaces.

We utilize industry leading security solutions in intrusion detection and burglar alarms, commercial access control systems, video surveillance and analytics, fire and life safety and RFID systems for industrial loss prevention solutions, along with technology integration to provide streamlined management of your security operations.

We work closely with industrial security management teams to perform a thorough security risk assessment. Our solutions help companies implement security best practices to protect employees, customers, visitors facilities, plants, inventory, production processes and more.

Using value-added solutions like remote video management, inventory intelligence and information management solutions, we help companies boost productivity and profits.

Whether it's protecting one industrial facility, or many geographically dispersed commercial locations, our commercial and industrial security specialists can supply you with industrial security technologies, systems and services support toenhance your industrial security programs and commercial business operations.

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For customers engaged in commercial and industrial activity, a single incident can be catastrophic. We help protect people, property, processing and storage facilities, and provide solutions that enhance operations. - Lynn Colbert-Jones
Manager, Sales, Commercial

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Integrated Security Solutions To Help You Achieve the Best in Industrial Security:

  • Complete commercial and industrial security solutions
  • Industrial risk assessment specialists
  • Industry-leading commercial security monitoring services
  • Intrusion detection and burglar alarms for protection of industrial facilities
  • Access control systems to restrict sensitive areas in any commercial or industrial security environment
  • Industrial security cameras and video surveillance solutions including remote video surveillance and management
  • Fire and life safety solutions and support for complying with industrial fire regulations
  • Complete security project management services
  • Integrated solutions for enhanced security, management and reporting

Industry Solutions

Project Management

We offer specialized project management and engineering teams to support your needs from start to finish.

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Risk Review

We help identify the internal and external threats facing your organization, and recommend solutions that fit your budget, risk management and staffing needs.

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Our inspection teams are available to support you with regular ongoing inspections of your fire detection, intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance systems.

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Professional Services

From initial planning to deployment and maintenance, we offer the expertise you need to help advance your business security.

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