Hospital and Healthcare Security Solutions and Integrated Systems

Today, hospitals and medical facilities need more protection. The nature of their business poses unique security challenges that can leave them susceptible to theft and internal misuse. From sensitive medical records and high-value clinical equipment to pharmaceutical and medical inventories, healthcare security has become top priority and is imperative when addressing issues of theft, organized crime, fire and life safety issues and more.

Tyco Integrated Security offers expertise in the area of healthcare and hospital security, providing comprehensive healthcare security solutions to help manage risk and enhance protection. Using comprehensive reporting and information management capabilities, our solutions help meet the requirements of local, state and federal healthcare security regulations while our experts offer the full breadth of support.

Our easy-to-manage solutions employ a variety of services for healthcare providers. From visitor management, intrusion detection and access control, to loss prevention, pharmaceutical inventory management fire and life safety and video surveillance security systems, we supply fully integrated solutions and smart tools to streamline and enhance your health care and security operations.

Gain greater visibility and control of your medical and pharmaceutical inventory, know who is in your healthcare facilities and when by leveraging Tyco Integrated Security solutions. Whether it's installing an integrated healthcare security solution, assessing risks,or addressing security needs, we provide you customized solutions to strengthen your patient care environment and optimize business efficiency.

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Medical facilities are vulnerable to break-ins, natural or man-made disasters and other threats from the inside or outside. Tyco Integrated Security helps counter with easy-to-manage security solutions designed for the facility. - Shane Meenan
Area General Manager

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Elements of a complete healthcare security solution

  • Risk assessment from an experienced team of specialized professionals
  • Physical and electronic access control to restrict access to sensitive areas and medical records
  • Professionally monitored intrusion alarm systems using a variety of detection technologies
  • ID and access systems for clinic staff and vendors
  • Video surveillance and recording with live monitoring 24/7/365
  • RFID to track high value equipment and manage patient flow
  • Fire safety solutions to detect and counteract fire emergencies
  • Streamlined integration for easy-to-use, web-based management

Industry Solutions

Access Control

We offer a full range of solutions to help you control and manage access to your facilities.

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Tyco Integrated Security offers the best in intrusion detection, burglar alarms, panic devices and perimeter protection to help make your environment safer.

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Video Surveillance

Integrating all aspects of your video security system for a complete video surveillance solution.

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Fire and Life Safety

Our Fire & Life Safety systems can greatly reduce the harm of any emergency situation.

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