Integrated Security Solutions & Information Management to Enable Intelligent Response to High Priority Security Events

In the fast paced world of high technology, global security management requires enterprise-wide vision, your most important asset walks in and out of your doors every workday.  You operate large data centers that house an immense amount of personally identifiable information (PII) that you are legally obligated to protect. Theft of your intellectual property (IP) can cause irreparable harm. Your products are in high demand, fulfilled through a complex global supply chain in which you have limited visibility, making them a high value target for sophisticated criminals. Tyco Integrated Security will work with you to design and install enterprise-wide solutions that integrate the best high tech video surveillance systems with other key security technologies throughout your technology enterprise. By working seamlessly within your existing IT infrastructure, we deploy solutions that meet your corporate standards across your global footprint.

We recognize the legal, business, and cultural standards required to effectively conduct business in every country. Our Global Center of Excellence develops standards, technical specifications and detailed work plans that enable consistent installations globally — providing remote system audit services to verify functionality and adherence to corporate standards.

We design customized solutions to harden your core assets with multiple layers of security: outside perimeter protection, identity management solutions and two-factor authentication using biometric identification, as well as temperature, humidity, fire, and motion sensors and locked server cages monitored 24/7 by video.  We can help you be compliant with SAS 70, Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Sarbanes Oxley requirements.  

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Tyco Integrated Security provides multilayered solutions to help control access, monitor activities and keep high-tech operations safe. - Daniel Schroeder
‎Vice President
Commercial/National Account Sales
North America

Technology and services to protect high tech enterprises:

  • Professional services to manage site surveys, project plans and commissioning globally
  • Electronic and biometric access control to restrict sensitive areas
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring to keep servers within operational limits
  • Fire safety solutions to detect and counteract fire emergencies
  • Video surveillance and recording with live monitoring 24/7/365
  • GPS tracking and control solutions to prevent cargo theft
  • Physical Security Information Management for enterprise-wide situational awareness

Industry Solutions

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

Manage all of your security systems through a single, integrated interface, with increased visibility throughout your enterprise.

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Access Control

We offer a full range of solutions to help you control and manage access to your facilities.

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Tyco Integrated Security offers the best in intrusion detection, burglar alarms, panic devices and perimeter protection to help make your environment safer.

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Video Surveillance

Integrating all aspects of your video security system for a complete video surveillance solution.

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