Industry-Leading Retail Security & Store Performance Solutions

Tyco Integrated Security works with some of the world’s leading retailers to provide the industry's best retail security systems and store performance solutions. Our integrated solutions for retailers are designed to help retail businesses better manage their retail store operations.

With genuine Sensormatic® brand EAS solutions that protect your merchandise, smart remote video solutions and Tyco RFID inventory intelligence solutions, we help take retail visibility and intelligence to new levels.

Tyco Integrated Security offers a complete suite of retail security solutions that work together to provide multiple layers of protection, enhancing retail intelligence, security and retail visibility. From source-tagging with anti-theft devices at the point of manufacture, to Sensormatic® brand protection at every retail doorway and exit, we can help you monitor the movement of your inventory with RFID, keeping watch on your operations with monitored video surveillance and protecting it all with around-the-clock alarm monitoring for fire and intrusion.  We can even help monitor your stores’ open/close scheduling performance.

Our integrated retail solutions include anti-theft devices, retail asset protection and tracking, retail access control systems, video analytics for retail and enhanced loss prevention and retail inventory intelligence.

Retail is changing fast.  Our Omni-Channel retailing solutions provide item-level inventory visibility intelligence, ensuring optimal merchandising so your customers find what they want, where they want, and when they want it.

A complete Tyco Integrated Security solution can provide security integration for your retail business. The result is a more secure retail environment, along with better intelligence and visibility, so you can improve the experience where customers shop and display your merchandise with confidence.

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As Omni-Channel retailing continues to grow across industries, inventory visibility becomes more and more important to your operations. Tyco solutions can help ensure that you always have the right merchandise, at the right time, in the right place and in the right selection. - Joan Sparks
Director, Marketing North America Retail

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A Complete Selection of Retail Security Solutions

  • Enhanced inventory intelligence for Omni-Channel retailing
  • Sensormatic EAS and Source Tagging programs to attack shrink and deter theft
  • RFID item level inventory drives visibility from supply chain to shopping bag
  • RFID and EAS solutions work together for greater intelligence around loss prevention
  • Physical and electronic access control creates confidence around your sites
  • Traffic intelligence helps you understand how your customers shop, including dwell times, queue times and much more
  • 24/7 digital video surveillance means higher accuracy and quality
  • Remote security management with alerts and live video look-in
  • Fire and life safety solutions to protect employees, customers and inventory
  • World-class monitoring with unattended deliveries, video escorts and more

Industry Solutions

Advanced Integration

Let us show you how to integrate all your security systems to deliver enhanced visibility along with streamlined management and information reporting.

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Project Management

We offer specialized project management and engineering teams to support your needs from start to finish.

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Environmental Responsible Retail

Protecting the environment is a priority we share with our suppliers, customers and shoppers. We believe environmental responsibility is good business as well as a social obligation.

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Source Tag Recirculation

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) enters a new phase of integration and value with EAS ‘hard tags’ that are applied at the manufacturing source and re-circulated from the retail store. Learn more

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Video Auditing for Specialty Retailers

As a retailer, reducing shrinkage from shoplifting, employee theft, vendor fraud and administrative errors is a constant struggle.

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