Protect Your Facilities, Employees, Inventory and Processes

Every manufacturer, regardless of size, shares some common key challenges. These challenges can range from safe arrival of parts and raw materials, secure manufacturing processes to protect against theft and accidents or reliable delivery of finished goods to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our manufacturing security specialists can help at every step of the planning and installation process to provide an integrated manufacturing security solution that addresses these challenges and more. Our expertise can help identify manufacturing facility threats and develop end-to-end  security solutions that enhance the safety, security and productivity of your manufacturing operations.

From small business to enterprise, manufacturers trust our industry-leading security solutions to provide increased security for manufacturing processes and enhanced information management and reporting capabilities for manufacturers. Our integrated security solutions include a variety of alarm, access control, and surveillance systems for manufacturing facilities along with management tools to streamline and enhance security operations.

Our value-added services include around-the-clock security monitoring of critical manufacturing conditions such as temperature and humidity, as well as remote management tools that let you perform remote video surveillance on any smartphone or tablet.


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Tyco Integrated Security helps manufacturers in almost every industry protect employees, customers, facilities, materials, inventory, equipment, plants and other physical assets. Along with this, we add value to their business through innovative intelligence solutions.

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Manufacturing solutions built from an array of security assets

  • Monitored security systems to protect your facilities 24/7/365
  • Video surveillance for eyes-on security
  • Digital recording and management of video activity
  • Card and biometric access control
  • Integrated solutions for enhanced security management and reporting
  • Fire and life safety solutions to protect lives and facilities
  • Web-based management to control your security from anywhere

Industry Solutions

Loss Prevention

Solutions that help prevent loss, and provide business intelligence to help you make smarter decisions.

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Access Control

We offer a full range of solutions to help you control and manage access to your facilities.

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Tyco Integrated Security offers the best in intrusion detection, burglar alarms, panic devices and perimeter protection to help make your environment safer.

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Video Surveillance

Integrating all aspects of your video security system for a complete video surveillance solution.

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Food Manufacturer And Quality Control

See how Tyco Integrated Security's solution helped a food processing manufacturer use auditing to improve the company's quality control.

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Anatomy of Workplace Violence

Learn about what you need to know to protect yourself from workplace violence.

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Underwriters Laboratories Certification obtained by Tyco Integrated Security

Information on Tyco Integrated Security Underwriter Laboratories Certifications

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Technology Focus

Even when out of the office, business owners and managers can use Mobile Security Management to help control on-premise security systems, and optimize business activities.

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