Industry-leading restaurant security,  nightclub security and entertainment security solutions

Security for restaurants, nightclubs and special events can present specialized security challenges. High customer traffic counts, high employee turnover, perishable inventory and tight profit margins must all be managed with systems that are customized to your operations.

Our restaurant and entertainment security specialists can help you gain new business insights as they show you how to protect your business from common threats such as theft and robbery,  internal employee theft and food inventory waste, theft and spoilage and more.

Contingent to our expertise, we provide integrated restaurant security solutions that include access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance and fire and life safety systems, with remote alerts, live video look-in and more, enabling you to grow your business.

Whether you’re a local restaurant with one location, or a chain restaurant operation with multiple locations, our local, regional and national security specialists can help you protect your operations and develop new business intelligence that can take your restaurant business to new levels of profitability.

A Full Menu Of Restaurant And Entertainment Security Solutions

  • Complete restaurant security solutions
  • Integrated video surveillance with 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Intrusion detection to fight theft whether open or closed
  • Commercial fire and life safety systems to protect staff, customers and property
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring in freezers and other critical areas
  • Access control systems to manage access to sensitive areas
  • Fleet management to monitor delivery drivers and vehicles in real time
  • Video analytics for insights into customer traffic, customer service and maximizing restaurant profitability
  • Remote video escort service for cash handling events
  • Web-enabled remote management for total control from anywhere

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