Comprehensive warehousing and fleet logistics security solutions

Our integrated security solutions for warehouse and logistics operators include an array of services in the alarm and security spaces such as intrusion detection and burglar alarms, access control systems, video surveillance security, fire detection and fire alarms. In addition, we provide remote managed services such as video guard tours to fully support your business operations.

Our warehouse and logistics security specialists help put the right security systems in place to protect your people, inventory, cargo and profits.

Our comprehensive fleet management solutions help you control fuel costs, manage drivers and provide valuable business intelligence. Through our advanced fleet management solutions, transportation and logistics operators can realize substantial savings:

• Save $3,400 per truck annually by enforcing a standardized fleet speed of 65 MPH

• Save $1,425 per truck annually by centrally reducing idle time by 25 percent

• Eliminate the additional cost of team drivers


Systems To Protect Your Warehouse, Vehicles And Mobile Fleet Assets:

  • Complete warehouse security systems
  • RFID inventory management systems
  • Remote video surveillance of your fixed and mobile assets
  • Warehouse access control systems
  • Intrusion alarms for fixed and mobile assets
  • Fire and life safety systems to protect people and property
  • Driver duress buttons to alert authorities of threats
  • Remote truck immobilization
  • Alert notification service to alert and communicate with personnel wherever they are
  • Online security management tools for remote on-the-go security control
  • Transported Assets Protection Association (TAPA) Compliant

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