Get your business security into shape. TycoIS provides industry-leading solutions to help protect your gym, hair salon or other personal services business.

Service is everything in your industry. Many of your clients may be friends, family or, at the very least, familiar faces. It’s a relaxed work environment, but that doesn’t mean you can let down your guard when it comes to business security. Help protect your business, your employees and your customers with security solutions for the personal services industry.

Safer, Smarter Solutions For The Personal Services Industry

  • A Security System That Can Help Deter Crime

    Use hold-up alarms and video surveillance to monitor and help deter criminals from targeting your business.

  • A Monitor For Internal Theft

    Use video surveillance to monitor your employees and help prevent internal theft from hindering your business.

  • Keep Track Of Your Deliveries, Even If You’re Not There

    Use your Web-enabled device to look in on your inventory and any deliveries you receive.

  • More Efficient And Accurate Monitors Of Business Hours

    Use digital video surveillance and mobile security monitoring to help improve visibility into your operations and know when your business is opened or closed.

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