TycoIS has the industry-leading solutions to address specific operational and risk management challenges within the property management industry.

You have the unique task of meeting the demands of people and property. As a result, a number of factors can impede your business all at once. That’s why the ability to acquire timely information on the status of your properties is crucial to keeping things running smoothly and delivering security and peace of mind to you and your tenants.

Safer, Smarter Solutions For Property Management

  • Industry-Leading Solutions To Help Deter Potential Theft Or Vandalism

    Use video and intrusion detection to help keep your business from becoming a target for crime.

  • A Monitor For Internal Theft

    Help protect yourself and your business from fraud with video technology to gain an unbiased view of security events.

  • Peace Of Mind Delivered To You And Your Tenants

    Meet tenant demands for safety and security with solutions for emergency detection and solutions to help prevent theft or violence.

  • A Running Log Of Who Has Access To Your Properties

    Help monitor access control to your buildings, and develop a record of who had access to your properties and when.

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