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Religious Organizations

Safer, smarter solutions for the religious and membership organization industry.

TycoIS serves thousands of religious organizations as well as clubs and associations of all types to deliver peace of mind.

Your organization gets a lot of help from volunteers. To maintain an open and welcoming environment while keeping property and the campus safe, it is important to ensure that only the right people have access to the offices and members of your organization. Not only that, but external threats of theft, vandalism or violence are ever-present. Get the security solutions to help protect your clergy, your congregation, your volunteers and your valuable assets.

Safer, Smarter solutions for religious organizations

  • Help control who has access to your religious organization and when

    With effective access control, you can help deter potential criminals from taking advantage of your organization.

  • More comprehensive visitor management

    Know who is working within your organization and when with effective visitor management solutions.

  • Monitor potential crime with video surveillance

    Help prevent theft, vandalism and violence with improved insight and documentation of events.

  • Help keep volunteers and clergy safe

    Get effective fire detection and other solutions that may help prevent a potential emergency situation and deliver peace of mind to your organization.

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