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Restaurant Security, Safety, and Operational Efficiency Solutions

You face a number of unique security challenges as a restaurant owner. Let TycoIS help you meet the security needs of your business.

With security concerns stemming from employees, customers and your inventory, your restaurant needs a security solution that can help cover all of your potentially vulnerable areas. Inventory spoilage and internal and external theft are major concerns that can impact your profitability. Gain peace of mind for your business, monitor your daily business hours and give your managers the safety measures that can help them focus on running your business with security solutions for the restaurant industry.

Safer, Smarter solutions for the restaurant industry

  • Integrated security to help monitor your employees

    Use video surveillance and integrate your security system with your point-of-sale systems to help reduce employee theft

  • Protection for your food inventory

    Help reduce spoilage and monitor your food inventory with alarms and alerts for freezers and other storage areas.

  • Remotely monitor your business hours and security

    Keep track of daily open and close times, and gain the ability to arm or disarm your system from any Web-enabled device.

  • Peace of mind to boost your manager’s efficiency

    With the ability to remotely manage security, your managers can focus on helping you run your restaurant and worry less about security.

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