Complete project management services for business security installations. From planning to final systems integration, our on-site build-out of integrated security command and control centers, video surveillance monitoring centers, security stations and more provide you full service and support of your business. Security system design, security system engineering and security construction services performed by our own teams of certified security professionals. Delivering high-value security solutions and managing every phase of your project, we provide customized security systems from start to finish. Security project management is also offered for local, regional and national accounts.

Design, Engineering And Construction Services For On-Site Security Build-Out:

  • Turnkey security system design, engineering and construction services
  • Complete security systems architecture and networking
  • Construction and buildout of security command and control centers, command posts, and security guard stations
  • Design and construction of video surveillance monitoring centers
  • Outdoor security installations including security booths and outpost
  • Expertise in designing fully customized security solutions
  • General security contractor services to support your security management team
  • Available to support national, regional, and local assignments
  • Dedicated project management teams to handle the most complex security assignments

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