Enterprise security inventory management for banking and financial institutions.

Tyco Integrated Security offers specialized services to help financial institutions better assess risks and manage security assets throughout their enterprise. Through a secure database, inventories of security assets can be maintained by branch or facility, with advanced search, reporting, action item reminders and digital attachments. It's an example of innovative thinking that enhances the effectiveness of your security operations throughout your enterprise.

Highly customizable risk review and security management:

  • Centralized location for all enterprise security inventory information
  • Design and development of your secure data repository portal
  • SAS-70 certified secured data server and redundancy servers
  • Ongoing software upgrades and management provided
  • Password protected login and administrative options
  • Partitioning availability within the enterprise
  • Flexible reporting on all assets across the enterprise
  • Search capabilities using advanced search criteria
  • Quick access to survey and action items
  • Email reminders of action items
  • Add attachments such as .pdf, images and .docx files

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