World-class Fire & Life Safety systems. Our end-to-end solutions include fire detection, monitoring and more, ensuring protection for your environment. We handle all phases of the planning, installation and maintenance of your systems, providing on-time and on budget installations, professional services and support by your local Tyco Integrated Security team. When time is critical, our emergency notification, inspections, assessment and compliance support are always available along with our trusted experience in delivering reliable Fire and Life Safety solutions. Our Fire & Life Safety specialists are standing by and are ready to work for you.

“We’ve been in the fire detection business longer than anyone. With 200 offices, we have the local teams to help you stay on-time, on budget and in compliance with local codes.”

- Mike Flannery
Director, Commercial Hardware Solutions
Commercial Product Management Team
North America

Leaders in Fire & Life Safety

  • Keep your project on-time and on budget with local service and system support
  • We handle all system layout, installation, testing and compliance
  • We have experience with general contractor and architectural teams
  • All systems, components and equipment used are UL Listed
  • UL Certificate Service is available for every installation
  • End-to-end, world-class fire detection and monitoring solutions
  • Flexible notification solutions over multiple devices and languages
  • Regular inspections, maintenance and cleaning, service and support
  • Local, state and federal compliance support
  • Our fire and life safety specialists work closely with your local AHJs

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Active Shooter Preparedness

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Fire Detection

Tyco Integrated Security offers best-in-class fire detection solutions to help you create a safer workplace. Find out more >

Fire Monitoring

Our world-class fire monitoring services deliver professional and experienced response to critical alarms. Find out more >


Easily communicate critical alerts and notifications via phones, fax machines and web-ready devices. Find out more >

Mass Notification

Allow communication with large groups and help facilities and safety executives address threats and emergencies effectively. Find out more >

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