A leader in loss prevention systems for banks. Our ATM security solutions provide multiple points of protection against physical and electronic theft from ATM machines, protecting your installations. From anti-skimming shield systems to silent alarm systems, integrated ATM video surveillance cameras and ATM monitoring options, our security specialists are ready to help you get more out of your ATM security and ATM loss prevention systems.

Industry-leading ATM security solutions:

  • Our ATM security specialists can help you determine the best ATM security solution for each ATM installation
  • ATM anti-skipping shields
  • ATM sensor monitoring
  • Silent alarm notification
  • ATM security lighting
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Video Monitoring Support
  • Compliance with local ATM lighting laws

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16 Shocking Corporate Theft & Fraud Facts

Find out where the top fraudulent business areas are in your company, the industries which are most susceptible to fraud and where employee theft occurs the most.

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Negative Cash Flow ATM Skimming Costs Banks Money and Reputation

In a matter of seconds, criminals can place a skimming device on an ATM card reader that blends in with the machine's appearance and does not interfere with its operation.

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ATM Skimming Costs Banks Money and Reputation

This spring, police in Australia reported more than $1 million was taken from about 40 bank ATMs in several cities.

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Anti-Skimming Solutions Prevent Fraud

Card skimming is a high-tech way for savvy criminals to capture personal data from the magnetic stripes on credit, debit or ATM cards and even driver's licenses or passports. Learn how Tyco Integrated Security solutions can help protect your business.

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