Running your own business is one of the most empowering – albeit time-consuming –responsibilities you can take on. However, as technology continues to advance, small-business owners are quickly realizing the benefits Mobile Security Management can afford them. If you’re one of the 85% of small-business owners who carry a smartphone,1 securing your business now can be done with only a few easy swipes on your device. 

Mobile technology is here and readily available. In fact, more and more small-business owners are adopting Mobile Security Management to gain better visibility into their operations, even when they’re out of the office. Considering that Small to medium-sized business are 35 times more likely to be crime victims than larger companies2 – and that as much as 30 percent of business failures may be the direct result of a crime3 – it’s time that companies of all sizes prioritize security mobility as a key part of their success strategy.

The Benefits

With intuitive onboarding, multitasking small-business owners and managers can now easily remotely monitor, control, interact and observe what is going on at their business location anytime they want. In fact, mobile security management is as secure as it is simple – perfect for business owners who wear several hats every day (or night).

Mobile security management includes the ability to:

1. Arm and disarm your intrusion system from a mobile device

2. Manage and bypass zones while off site

3. Remotely administer user system access in the event of staffing or personnel issues

4. Set alerts for opening and closing to track on-site activity

5. Watch live look-in to monitor employee performance, productivity, customer interaction or suspicious events

6. Respond to occurrences that require timely attention

With the ease of these convenient capabilities, you can rest easy the next time you’re away from your business. Not only are you alerted with immediate information if an incident, such as internal theft or burglary occurs, but you can also make better decisions based on real-time understanding of what’s happening when you’re not around.

Mobile Security: A Closer Look

Video look-in optimizes both security and productivity. With immediate access to live video feeds and recorded video clips of your business activity, mobile security management lets you see what’s happening at your business at any hour, day or night. This capability enables owners and managers to identify problems early – problems that they might not have known they had – while providing the information that helps you make smarter decisions, improving operations all around.

Mobile capabilities enrich work-life balance with greater flexibility. Unlike the “good old days,” most busy business owners no longer live right above their shop. Consequently, false alarms or after-hour deliveries can require another time-consuming late-night trip into the office. But with mobile security management, owners and managers can resolve issues quickly and remotely, letting them focus on other aspects of their life without the extra cost of employing another manager.

Total control – and as much as you want. Mobile security management lets business operators add or delete user codes and grant temporary access to staff, service personnel or vendors. It’s up to you how you want to manage multi-users.   

Mobile security management provides two levels of options:

1. Mobile Control[RZ1] : With Mobile Control you can arm and disarm your intrusion system when off-site from a mobile device. In addition, you can add or change user access codes and receive notifications via text or email of preset events you want to monitor, such as business open and close times, motion-detector breaches and restricted-area doors being opened or closed.

2. Mobile View: The Mobile View service level provides all the capabilities of Enterprise Management. It also adds the ability to see live video and/or video clips from your on-premise cameras. This feature enables you to remotely check in on your business at any time. You have the ability to visually review open and close events, view people on site (whether they’re customers, employees or vendors) and witness other predetermined occurrences.

What Mobile Security Management Can Do for You

Mobile security management can integrate with your existing systems and provide management flexibility that’s ideal for a small-business owner. Take a moment to get in touch with a Tyco Integrated Security Specialist and see how you can protect your livelihood.



1Alicia Ciccone, “Small-Business Owners Dependent On Smartphones, Mobile Apps,” Huffington Post, June 13, 2012

2US Chamber of Commerce


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